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Built in regensburg dating s on the site of go here cathedrals, Regensburg Cathedral Dom St. Peter is the finest Gothic building in Bavaria. Its harmonious exterior, alive with interesting medieval sculptures, has recently been fully cleaned. Inside are even more sculptures along with an extensive collection of medieval stained glass.

The first record of a cathedral in Regensburg dates from about AD ; the Diocese regensburg dating Regensburg was officially established by St. In the late s or early s, a Carolingian cathedral replaced the original building. In the early 11th century, the cathedral was extended westward in the Romanesque style, including an atrium and twin west towers. After more than one damaging fire in the 12th century, a new cathedral was planned in the High Gothic style.

Begun shortly afterit was built over the site of its Romanesque predecessor and incorporated неразлучны bekanntschaften zweibrücken наконец of regensburg dating earlier structure. The first altar was consecrated in regensburg dating, probably in the south choir. By aboutthe altars at the east end were sufficiently completed for consecration and liturgical use. The continue reading tower was built between and regensburg dating After some houses and a church were destroyed to make room, the north tower and west facade were built The main portal was done by and the nave was finally roofed in Contruction came to a stop, although the cathedral was not completed, sometime around The cloisters, regensburg dating, were built in Regensburg dating cathedral received the usual Baroque makeover inconsisting mainly of new furnishings and the addition of a dome over the crossing.

The middle of the 19th century was another busy period of construction work at Regensburg Cathedral. First, King Ludwig I ordered a general restoration and a reversal of the Baroque additions inwhich included replacing the Baroque dome with a Gothic-style ribbed vault. In the transept gable and crossing spire were added, finally bringing the cathedral to completion.

The 20th century saw some archaeological excavations in the nave, during which a burial crypt for bishops was added The Sailer Chapel altar was dedicated in as a place regensburg dating services and private prayer. In the last few years, extensive cleaning of the west facade has been underway and as of is almost complete.

Another ongoing project is please click for source replace the greenish limestone blocks from 19th-century restorations with white stone blocks regensburg dating the Czech Regensburg dating to better match the original work.

As of our visit March the new blocks could be seen stacked behind the east end. The twin spires of Regensburg Cathedral can be seen from all over the city. The great Gothic edifice stands in the heart of the Old Town near the Old Stone Bridge, flanked by a road on the south and the Domplatz regensburg dating the west.

The west portal is flirten vrouwen leren voor ornamented with arches, canopies, and sculptures of regensburg dating scenes, saints, kings and creatures.

One of the tympanums depicts the Resurrection of Christ, with an angel taking Christ by the hand and helping him out of what looks like a sandcastle. The sculpture is quite damaged, but shows Jews suckling on a large sow female pig.

This image - intended to be degrading and insulting since the pig is unclean in Judaism - was widespread in German-speaking lands. Another dating ab 18 kostenlos example of a Judensau is at the City Church in Wittenbergwhich was mentioned with approval by Martin Luther in his anti-Jewish writings. The floor plan of the cathedral is simple and compact, with no real transept and no ambulatory.

A small, fairly low gallery runs around the interior walls, unfortunately blocking part the lower parts of the stained glass windows. The vault dates from about The three west portals lead into three aisles, which culminate in the Altar of St.

There are several altars in regensburg dating side aisles especially the northhoused in small niches rather than side chapels. Among several notable sights in the interior is the " Smiling Angel " on the southwest pillar in the crossing, which is part последних männer an der uni kennenlernen закричал an Annunciation group the Virgin Mary regensburg dating across the nave on the northwest pillar.

It was sculpted in about by the artist known as the Master of St. The angel looks very cheerful and regensburg dating quite popular with regensburg dating. The brochure published by regensburg dating Diocese describes it as "the visible expression of the Gospel - the good news of the love of God become man.

There are said to be nearly images of St. Peter, to whom the cathedral is dedicated, throughout the exterior read more interior. Notable examples include an elegant stone statue in the south aisle regensburg dating the St.

Peter Window above the south portal c. As in virtually all medieval images of St. Peter, he is recognizable by the oversized key he carries. On the south transept wall is a 16th-century crucifix containing real human hair, which legend has it will grow to knee-length when Judgment Day is imminent.

The Sailer Chapel regensburg dating the southern area next to the chancel and is set aside for private prayer. It is named for the tomb of Regensburg Bishop Johann Michael von Sailerwhich was erected by King Ludwig I in in honor of his former tutor. The canopied Nativity Altar in the chapel dates from c. An impressive number of medieval stained glass windows have survived in Regensburg Cathedral. Most date from between andbut there are even some survivors from The west windows date from the 19th century.

Several windows were installed indesigned by the regensburg dating Professor Oberberger, in the clerestory, north chancel, and south transept. The stained glass windows of the chancel have survived from the Middle Ages fully intact. Most were donated by canons and citizens of Regensburg between and The windows have an unusually complex arrangement consisting of two layers of frames.

The top level of windows occupy the innermost frame while the lower windows fill the outer frame. Accomplishing the transition regensburg dating the regensburg dating is an arcaded triforium, also filled with medieval glass.

The dates and subjects of these windows are as follows:. The windows in the south aisle date from between and and are notable for their subtle regensburg dating of color. From left to right east to westthey depict:. The south transept wall has a столе leiner single küchen Полагаю window of теперь single dillenburg Могу lights installed aroundwhich is filled with even older glass.

Dating from aroundthese Romanesque panes depict fragments of a geneology of Christ along with an Annunciation, Nativity and Crucifixion.

Some Gothic stained glass c. The windows of the north aisle date from the s and s, with some modern replacements. From left to right west to eastthey depict:. Below is a location map and aerial view of Visit web page Cathedral. Using the buttons on the left or the wheel on your mouseyou can zoom in for a closer look, or zoom out to get your bearings. Regensburg dating move around, click and drag the map with your mouse.

The beautiful Gothic west facade of Regensburg Cathedral. Peter in the south regensburg dating. Peter in the south transept. View hotels near Regensburg Cathedral.

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Built in the s on the site of earlier cathedrals, Regensburg Cathedral (Dom St. Peter) is the finest Gothic building in Bavaria. Its harmonious exterior, alive.
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Built in the s on the site of earlier cathedrals, Regensburg Cathedral (Dom St. Peter) is the finest Gothic building in Bavaria. Its harmonious exterior, alive.
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